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Spent Rounds Designs, LLC
Jewelry Made From Fired Shotgun Shells

On an April 2010 Sunday morning in my hometown in rural, Southern Georgia, an idea came to me after seeing my daughter's earrings, while sitting in church.

That is when Spent Rounds Designs was born. Her earrings were about identical in size to a twelve gauge shotgun shell, and I just knew I could make earrings similar to those, out of the "spent rounds." With ammunition-inspired belts, wallets, etc. already on the market, the earrings were sure to be a hit.

After their development, we were overwhelmed with a steady stream of orders, and it was difficult for us to keep up with demand. Our work can now be found in numerous specialty shops and boutiques all across the South, including the widely popular Stafford's of Thomasville, Georgia.

We also showcase at several events throughout the year, like the National Wild Turkey Federation Conventions. If you are interested in adorning your image with our beautiful, handcrafted jewelry, be sure to contact us today!